What is Trinity Tickets?
Trinity Tickets was created to offer professional ticketing services to the Christian community. Our mission is to enhance the success of Christian events by helping to promote them through our website, ticket outlets and e-mail notifications, and to offer the latest in ticketing technology to handle all aspects of the ticket-selling experience, making it easier for organizations and churches to concentrate on production of their event. As always, our main goal is to assist in furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach as many souls as possible, through Christian concerts and events.

What is Will Call?
"Will Call" is the area at the venue designated for ticket pick-up. Tickets will be available at will call when an order cannot be mailed prior to the event, or if "Print At Home" tickets are not available for a particular event, or if the will call option has been selected as the delivery method. Will Call is usually located at a table (or at the box office windows, depending on the venue) near the entrance. On the "Order Page" you will be asked to choose a preferred delivery method for your tickets. "Will Call" will be automatically selected as your delivery method if no other choice has been specified. If you have a question about will call pick-up for any specific venue please email us at chris@trinitytickets.com or call us at 972-394-0629.

What are Print At Home tickets?
Trinity Tickets uses state-of-the-art technology to sell tickets online while allowing you to print your tickets immediately on your own office or home printer. You simply bring that printout (your ticket) to the venue for admission, where it will be scanned for authenticity. No more waiting in lines for will call or waiting for the tickets to arrive in the mail. We highly recommend this for the easiest delivery method.

What is Mail?
By selecting "Mail" as your delivery option, your tickets will be processed and sent to the address you have provided. An additional fee will apply to cover processing and postage. You should receive your tickets within 7 to 10 business days from the date you bought your tickets online. When the mail cut-off date has passed for the performance you have chosen, the Mail delivery method will not be available to you, your tickets will instead be available for pick-up at the Will Call window on the date of show.

Is Wheelchair Accessible seating available?
Yes, accessible seating is available for all reserved seating events. For accuracy and ease, they are only available by phone at 972-394-0629.

This is my first time ordering online, how do I check to make sure my order went through?
We want you to have the the best possible experience when ordering online. When your order is complete, a receipt will immediately be sent to you via e-mail. If you think you may have typed the wrong e-mail address or didn't receive a receipt, please email us at chris@trinitytickets.com.

Are tickets available other ways besides online?
Yes, tickets can also be purchased at any of our bookstore outlets located throughout your area if they are available.Or by calling the ticket office at 1-888-394-0629.

I am organizing an event, how do I find out more about using Trinity Tickets to sell tickets?
Just give us a call at 972-394-0629 or (888)394-0629 and we will be glad to set your event up for online sales. In most cases this can be done in 24 hours and you are selling tickets.

Is my information protected from other people?
Yes, all information collected is used only to complete the purchase transaction, send a confirmation e-mail, deliver tickets by mail, send follow up e-mails for customer service purposes, or be notified of upcoming like Christian events (from TrinityTickets). Your information is never sold and is considered confidential.

How can I be notified by e-mail of upcoming Christian events?
Just fill out the contact form on the website and you will be placed on a special list to receive early notices of great Christian events.

Does your site support the Firefox or Safari browser?
Yes. Our site works best in Firefox and still works well in all other browsers. We are currently working on an update to support all browsers, which should be available shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience. You may purchase tickets using any major browser, at one of our outlets, or by calling the Call center at 888-394-0629.

Purchase Policy
Please check your event date, seating location and number of tickets carefully before purchasing. Our policy prohibits refunds or exchanges once a ticket has been purchased or for lost, stolen or damaged tickets. Tickets cannot be replaced. Please treat them as cash. Event dates and times are subject to change – please see “Cancellation Policy”.

Cancellation Policy
Should the presenter or artist make the decision to “cancel” an event (without rescheduling a new date), a refund will be issued for the amount paid for the tickets. If a purchase was made by credit card, the refund will be made to the same credit card used to purchase the tickets. If the purchase was made by cash or check, tickets must be mailed to Trinity Tickets 4009 Old Denton Rd. Suite 114-255 Carrollton Tx. 75010. Tickets must be accompanied with name, address and phone number of the purchaser. A check will be issued and mailed to the purchaser within 2 weeks of receipt of the tickets. Tickets must be received no later than the date of the canceled event or 10 days after the date of cancellation, whichever is later. Service fees are non-refundable!!

Rescheduled Event Policy
Should an event be canceled and rescheduled for another date, tickets issued for the original date will be honored for the rescheduled date and time unless otherwise posted. For more information on our rescheduled date policy please call us at 972-394-0629 at least 72 hours prior to rescheduled event date.

Does attending an event mean that I am consenting to being photographed?
Yes, ticket holder acknowledges that the event may be broadcast, recorded or otherwise publicized at the producer’s discretion, and hereby grants permission to utilize ticket holder’s image or likeness in connection with any live recorded transmission or reproduction of such event