Online Tickets Custom Discounts

Trinity Tickets allows you to create your own custom discount codes and set discounts based on almost anything. Promoters need every possible option when it come to selling tickets for events. Discount codes gives you the ability to control price and offer select discounts based on paramaters that you set up on a per price catagory basis.

The module is easy to use and fool proof. You don't have to remember to change prices on a specific date or time. All you do is decide how best to use your discount, set the discount up in our discount module then forget about it. The ticket platform does the rest. See the list below of a few possible discounts you can set up using Trinity Tickets and when your ready to ticket your event give us a call.

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  • Create Discount Names
  • Create Discount Numbers
  • Early Bird Discounts
  • E mail Discounts
  • Group Discounts
  • Limited Discounts Based On The Number Sold
  • Unlimited Discounts