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At Trinity Tickets We Have You Covered.

With Trinity Tickets you are always in control of your events. Offering more features than any other ticket company Trinity Tickets really does help you sell more tickets. From the largest 30 city tour to the smallest local event we give you the tools and support you need to reach your goals. If you need help with anything on our site give us a call. (888-394-0629) One of our ticket specialist will walk you through what Trinity Tickets has to offer.


Music Tours

Music Tour ImageDo you have a Concert Tour coming up? Let Trinity Tickets design a tour ticketing platform for you and keep your events all in one spot. Build Your Brand not ours.

FestivalsIf you have a single day or multi day festival Trinity Tickets has you covered. Let us build your custom platform and put your tickets onsale on your facebook fan page.
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ConferenceFor your small or large conference Trinity Tickets handles everything from start to finish. Use our custom forms module to collect any data that you need. It's completely customizable.
Kids Events

Kids EventsFrom the smallest childrens event to the largest concert, conference or festival Trinity Tickets has you covered. Let us show you how Trinity Tickets sells more tickets.
Movie Night

Movie NightSo your planning a movie night for your church  and you need to sell tickets. We partner with one of the largest Christian movie companies in the country. We know how to sell movie tickets!!!
Free Events

Free EventsWhen it comes to supporting free events no one does it better than Trinity Tickets. We don't change or water down our features just because its free. You get the same system as our paid events.