Why Trinity Tickets

Online Ticketing
Our team can set up your ticket sales in minutes, with no limits on how many tickets or type of tickets being sold at an event.

Custom Branded Ticketing
Give us 2 days and you get a private branded platform that matches the look and feel of your current website. By the way it's free!!!!

Facebook Ticketing
Using the power of Facebook we have
designed a application that allows us to ticket your event on your Facebook Fan Page.
Custom Reports
Our custom reports module is a step ahead of everyone else. You can choose from many diffrent options to view your reports.
Promote Your Event
Trinity Tickets has intergrated with the most popular social network sites to insure that you sell more tickets.
Custom Forms
Customizable registration forms provide you with the best way to collect information that you can use. TicketKart makes it easy.
Your Merchant Account
Choose from a
number of popular and
trusted payment solutions to collect
funds into your personal account.
Patron Information
Get to know your ticket buyers by collecting their custom data during their purchase. Use
our built in Eblast to keep them informed.
Custom Barcoded Tickets
Scan your tickets at your event to ensure
their validity. Download our free App and use any smart phone or I Pod touch.
Custom Discounts
Create your own discount codes based on time, date or location. We give you the tools to provide discount codes for any event type.
Product Kart
We realize sometimes you need more than just ticketing, so we created ProductKart. Now you to sell products and accept donations.
Event Call Center
We know how hard event planning is let our professional call center handle the day to day calls at no extra charge to you.